WITH reference to my blogged file,it is also draft to be used for web design to conceive an unique concept..I am Bharat Sadani, a retired person with a network of participants. I will be obliged if someone like you can be interested emotionally more intensely than i do, come forward with with suggestion on idea pertains to content development. I have launched company named with name "WINWIN CONSULTANT" WHERE-IN associates can be accommodated with concept mutually beneficial to all participants..
    To spread   message  of  loving  &  joyful interaction      in      participation ways     CONTAINING
Painful misunderstanding side falls of modern sedentary life and interpersonal relations.
GOAL: Creative usage of life talents, time and all resources. As such i have planned reliable registration and hosting my website u may not bother.
WHATSUP: I WISH WEBSITE TO START HTML Question  Forms to be answered BY member for evaluation of mindset stress etc, personality strength/weakness to idenfify personality and stress pertains to it. Get confirmation suggest counter measure on symptoms.To know Quick Click on

 Do you feel stress in same pattern?
 Do the content comprise the  same ?
 did you always want to know about ?
 Do you experience stress inhandling  task ?
 Do you feel the subject to be reductant ?

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