Men and women  society make family,learn to work, raise children and grow old.As such all living creatures are born with instictive power in biological evolution. Insects, birds, animals and marine creatures are also empowered  with  divine power in form of impulse. The divine power was recognized by human, when the formed a society with interaction.

 Interaction evolved language for interface among human & others.The interface have also been invented with machines & nature.The divine power is defined by faith & utopia. The divinity is unresolved assumption in faith, yet not challenge-able and deniable.Unlike other creature, the human has significant intellectual, logical and memory power.They form part of mental power in person.The mental power have remarkable cognitive function and perceived images inter-alias.They inherit the power through breath of their structure.The structure of human society comprise of children (The dependent), young adults & old people (the independents). Mr William James contemplates on wisdom that can either inherited or shared ever to strengthen the foundation of superior society. 

  The intelligence, logical, memory, subtle-energy and experience of age generate wisdom in human with time, while young generation proclaim expressive dominance & therefore mistaken as decisive techniques. Processors inherit age adjustment keys generations through, which yields methods to make effective society that is aimed to work for mankind, nation and universe with effectiveness & harmony, but it fails to wide aspiration of dynamics of the society of young one. Thus wisdom fails to succeed in wide appreciation and acceptance of new generation of society in world.

There is eminent need to set & realize goals of requirement of old people with physical weakness by promoting involving gen-next generation of happy young one to participate in enhancing wisdom.We will strive to create awareness program through Chat,Seminal,Publication, email,website.

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There are four kinds of achievement, which can be realized by individual.

They are 1.Physical 2.Mental  3.Social/Emotional   4. Spiritual. These are integral part of life. & these can be defined in various ways of different philosophies.

1.Physical                 Undertone                   Animal

2.Mental                     Autonomy                   Craftsmen

3.Social/Emotional Contentedness         A friendship

 4. Spiritual                Perspective                 Saint

These are main agendas for most of motivation & organizational Theories.

In order to achieve any goal, one should be deterministic. One has to apply time-management tools of matrix allocating task of Urgent & its Importance as shown in attached Image. Resources must be used to expedite Quadrant -II activity of classified activity matrix   and to act accordingly. We should plan those activities which produce all-round growth & aspect of performance & capability, empathetical till it becomes Quadrant -II.                (Refer Understanding Quadrants in Matrix)

·         Strengthening Physical nature.

For Physical body, It is necessary have Right food, rest, Relaxation & regular exercising. In achieving any of missions, Physical fitness is essential and unavoidable part of life. It may, sometimes becomes urgent to erode or swap Quadrant-I  & Quadrant II activity with failure of other endowment           
Reviving Spiritual life

Nature invariably banquets on living ones its blessings right from, birth. In greed & ignorance Humans establish discord & dissociate with it. The spiritual life can be revived with reorganization of activities; thus we can reap benefit of it. Those benefits give impetus for our mission. "Peace' is critical component for any prosperity. Every person possesses two worlds. These are outside world & inside one. The peace achieved with independent will. The meditation breaks interplay of cause & effect between two worlds, paving way to restore inherited peace in both.                                                                                     



Continued Spiritual life ∞

    The sense of peace in innermost mind & conscious may be gained by accessing timeless truths of nature. Thus one can turn the tide. This inspires us to draw upon the sources to win great serenity for understanding. This revitalizes our spiritual life with harmony of values validated by cancerous.

Thus we come out victoriously in the battle of life that is daily in silent chamber of soul.” Then it is ensued by Public victory as you think cooperatively to promote welfare of other. Thus we can make them genuinely happy.



Minding Mentality.
     The fancy heading, ''Minding Mentality' is given here as one has to be very much cautious to discuss about it. There many theories applied with quality education and quality literature. I see positive vertical advancement. Again there fallout is must be analyzed with various indexes. These indexes show effects those are detrimental, sometimes questionable or unknown If we consider scenario described by WHO,in their creditable report,we frown with the report showing rise in Mental sickness. It is also evident from other phenomena that there is, no-doubt, deterioration of public health & environment. Since there is unending debate do about it one thing is clear that complexity stringed with it. Let us again individually to make private victory without being hippocratic. Creative solution must be explored for such difficult subject for placing it in right perspective.  As, "Charity Begins at home" One has explore each, any and all act of thinking, tested with own ability to express ourselves in distilled, clear and concise words examining  its context and assumption...It  is invariably occupies Quadrant-I, Quadrant_II ,Quadrant III  and sometimes Q-IV.
  Education, continuing education, continuously honing and expanding of mind are essentials for revitalizing Mental Strength. It is so valuable to read broadly and to expose yourself to 
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To enable oneself to handle challenge in life, Oneself has to log on values and results to monitor improvement. Thus keeping a journal of thought, experience and leaning promotes communicating deeper thoughts, f feeling and ideas necessary for private victory. The great "Gita' Hindu's guides to oneself to enrich our life and meaningfully to our purpose and goals. Organizing and planning possibility can be done with habit II and Habit-III.  

Proactive people can figure out many, ways to educate themselves. 
.  Interdependence is an important & indispensible goal to forward experience & vast knowledge in accessing for participating voluntarily in all possible forums  to live-outs events.

Being Social

 It is itself a jugular problem. It is very difficult task as based on individual paradigm. The social life is feasible result of emotional life. But it not exclusively based in our private life as it manifests in our relationship with others. It has more to be centered in interpersonal, leadership, empathic communication and creative cooperation. . Extensive introspection in our heart has to be done.   We have to push ourselves to face challenge to surmount situation by applying skill of public victory, though with not having achieved private victory.  It is common in modern life, where normal situation arise out in our everyday interaction with other as things /issues are looked through different point of view Proactive people are those who agree to communicate until an amicable solution are found out. One has to be firm to be willing out it. As author can or does not claim to present any unique & comprehensive solutions as mileage with little or much unknown is to be covered. Much of wisdom has to be gained.   Listening habit has to be explored with focus on refined communication with practice of Habit 5 described by Mr Covey
It may be ensued with synergy to be created were concerned recognize differences and evolve third alternative. It may be one with guidelines, framed in next page


1.    A script & shift in paradigm to be made in long process of thought & belief.

Such as Every problem is opportunity enhancing wisdom.

2    There is no problem without solution. Belief of WIN/WIN solution must be prevailed.

3  Every-time a sincere effort to step out with own frame of reference & without giving up prevailing security of self & other to depict deep understanding of other being human.

4     Saint or Wise person describes the self-esteem is primarily a matter of mind-set, of attitude     that    one reconciling himself in peace of mind without impairing deepest value, such as…

Any solution can that can provide security (preferably believing so) with right motive.

Though security does not necessarily comes from circumstance or position, but it does when one authentically, creatively and cooperatively interact with other people and experiences these interdependent habits                              .                                                  .      
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