The study of stress problem is compiled by Author here to address relevance in life of common and urban citizen. These people are the of middle to upper middle class trapped in struggle  to meet expectations & aspirations triggered tendency of belief & attitudes attribute to fortune guided by limited academic inputs & opportunities in their life a way back recent past. It is aimed to bring together to form a forum of like minded people, those facing effects of stress  and  like to  share technique to ease out  Thus is one attempt to promote interaction among them with objective to generate social support. This also may substitute an another 'Blogger site'.It is initialization for enlighten the visitors of site to gain knowledge handling sense through  unaided common sense.
Describing yourself (see Step no 1) in various elementary senses.
  It is an also you in a way to discriminate your inner world from outer world of unique environment. It is matter relating to your presence  thought, isolating  your-self  from you extreme past as well as no thinking for future.   The solution may  vary with judgment error. The same may be  exception  in    application to the subject passing through events of natural or unnatural calamity and with varying responseof people under influence of drugs or chemical.These are one  out of  this  study as  being  emotionally   unstable. The stress  is  also an  impeding personal happiness,  physical & mental health, personality its  effect on interaction  between  two & in turn a group with wide implication in society of interdependence.

In respect of various trait such as..

Activity/Drive approach

Those may clinical termed as..



Shallow breathing.

Tension shaping to Anxiety
In Respect Of Response


With regard to Change Self

With regards to change Others

With regardto change Physical  Situation.

In TERMs Of Feelings

Helplessness turning to


Depression an chronic Anxiety

Above turning to Non expressive isolation.


Physiological Examination of Stress

An Alarming level

Impeding resistance to Illness/Exhaustion

Physical Changes Due to Stress.

Feeling/Experience Assessment

Personality Attributes –A classification to Type A&B -Workout by

Fredmab & Roseman                                                       -US Cardiologist

Type A behavior under pressure of time

Due to Egoism

Stress attributes of Competitiveness                                                                       MORE

MAP THE SELF in working on your attitudes 

IN bid to have edge over other,we practice "One Up manship" attitudes with other sometimes undermining other's importance in interdependency.We fail to have introspection due to short-singhteness.There is abundance in resource & opportunity bestowed by nature which is well owned of Animal, birds & marine in world by in the ecosystem.With industrious human nature, to men/women still find short of livelihood & continuously plan for our generations without pausing to retrospect. Human indulge in wrong doing fetching a miserable feeling termed as sin.Following given are some of points to analyze yourself.
Shift Paradigm
Human has their identity obsession.
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Hyperactive by nature.
Conflict of personality
Excessive obsession either creativity v/s Logical ability

Difference in aspiration of Men & Women

Difference in education & Dexterity

Inequality in level playing.

Double standard & Fickle behavior