We all need a challenge in our lives. Without it the spring goes out of our step and our lives become monotonous, unproductive and frustrating. Our creative juices and coping mechanisms work best under a certain amount of pressure. The problem is getting the balance right. If the strings of a violin are too loose to play properly, but if they are too tight they will snap.
It's the same with the human body. Too little pressure is as bad as too much. Pressure involves the exertion of continuous force, coercion or restraint on someone or something. Of itself, it is neither positive nor negative. The strings of a violin produce their notes by being stretched to a particular an optimum level of pressure which each individual can cope with without being over-stretched. This varies from person to person. We're all different. What exhausts one will energize another.
How & when Stress can energize someone?
Some like to be stressful because they generally produce such strong positive emotions in us. The enthusiasm, happiness and joy we experience when we are competing in sporting events or involved in a loving relationship usually far out-weigh the negative elements of uncertainty, anxiety and jealousy. Interestingly, when we pick up on these positive energies our resistance to stress is actually increased and our capacity to cope with setbacks grows. This is an insight which, as we will see, can help us deal with the negative stress in our lives. But, no matter who we are, there comes a point beyond which genuine fatigue leads to exhaustion and burn-out
(cf. Performance Curve).
Ability to Cope
A healthy self-image depends in great measure on our ability to deal with life's problems effectively. The central element in all stress is our belief that we are no longer able to cope. The fact is that this belief may not have been undestood well. 
The reality is that most people who experience stress do have

Symptoms Like……..
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Stress Defined!




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    Smith and  Boyasky have uniformly found that there is relationship between physique & temperament.While Dolland & Miller the theory stating that......

    When our experience produce relatively permanent changes in our behavior : We say we have learned.
As such all personality theorist  assume that Learning influences personality. Discoveries leads to interest in exploring how a person learned.They resolved answer by what & when person learns.Those in two phases.
1. Infant learning
2. Contemporary learning.

   There are major elements of Learning.Theorist          propagates to explain to answer What & when person earn.Those are..

1.Drive : A strong stimulus that impels action.

eg De-stressing hunger
scratching  heat, parching thrust etc..
2. CUE :
 A stimulus which determines when & where a person  response and what ~~response he will make-whistle for factory worker traffic signal light.
:The action followed by person to perform in  response of Conscience

3.Response  particular response is learned.
       Patenting schooling and therapy makes in  the 
       situation so the learner will somehow make correct response validated by heart.




          An event that strengthen
the response to be repeated. And that repeatation reduces the strength of drive.A person learns,for example putting off pen on black glasses,lying down to reduce pain or stress.Ever-Everyone in his/her contextof perception to identify right v/s wrong,good vs bad-the experience of stimuli turns to belief of craving or aversion.Study of variation in experience among people led to science of personality It is aimed to increase human understanding of their behavior to enable them to predict &  possibly modify  behavior or investigate experience aspects.Men tries to modify himself to strengthen his personality or make successful adjustment to his physical and social environment.Theories attempt explain personality by emphasizing the influence of heredity, of learning, of culture or most often interaction of these factors.Fommes's theory in his cultural factor is still viewed interestingly to mention in the exert bellow.

 Capitalism & authoritarian communism are came to existence out of industrialization coupled by economic efficiency & wealth.These society instated by managers and professionals, but nevertheless without materials-
tic in their outlook.They organized man in centralized system of large factories loosing their skill & autonomy.The most of them became cog in machine at subordinated empowered one.With value inculcated by christian by ideology in secularism, society felt good and favorable.With dismantle of colonialism, power changed the hands of those who undermine the values those were at foundation of united society.Just  a primitive men were helpless  before natural force,modern man is same  before social and economic force & decrease of human dignity that assume normal to abnormal behavior.The sanity of society can only  be uphold by instilling values which confirms needs of man.Thus society can be visioned of man to relate other lovingly, in which he is rooted in bonds of brotherhood and solidarity,  in which every one gains the sense of self rather than feeling subject of power or falling in prey of mysticism where he needs to distort from reality.Multiple causation to suggestive abnormality yield confusion & stress.               

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                     FACTORING PERSONALITY

Checking Symptoms

Physical Symptoms

Psychological Symptoms

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The Origine of Stress (Excert of Dr Sigmund Fued Theory)


 ID is biological side of personality that is directed by  psychological feed of Ego., While EGO & Superego are psychological entities.Human drieves power from ID, but is never complitely independent of it. 
The Superego is internal representive of  so called "Ideas of society"

The ID is biological  representive of Humaln  Human is never complitely independent of it.While transending from feeling to thinking ,human experience wip from conscience, maintaining our sense of morality and the prohibition of taboosThe ego is not sharply separated from the id; its lower portion

 merges into it.... But the repressed merges into the id as well, and is merely a part of it

. The repressed is only cut off sharply from the ego by the resistances; it can communicate

 with the ego through the id." (Model of the mind which appears in Freud's 1923 paper "The Ego and the Id")

The ego is the mediator between the id and the superego; trying to ensure that the needs of both the id and the superego  are met. It is said to operate on a reality principle, meaning it deals with the id and the superego; allowing them to express their desires, drives and morals in realistic and socially appropriate ways.In Freud's theory, the ego mediates among the id, the super-ego and the external world. Its task is to find a balance between primitive drives, morals, and reality  the defense mechanisms Freud identified. However, his daughter Anna Freud clarified and identified the concepts of: undoing, suppression, dissociation, idealization, identification, introjection, inversion, somatization, splitting and substitution

Understanding more of Ego

  While satisfying the id and superego. Its main concern is with the individual's safety and allows some of the id's desires to be expressed, but only when consequences of these actions are marginal. Ego defense mechanisms are often used by the ego when id behavior conflicts with reality and either society's morals, norms, and taboos or the individual's expectations as a result of the internalization of these morals, norms, and taboos. It is said that the ego stands for reason and caution, developing with age. Sigmund Freud had used an analogy which likened the ego to a rider and   the id being the horse. The horse provides the energy and the means of obtaining the energy and information need, while the rider ultimately controls the direction it wants to go. However, due to unfavorable conditions, sometimes the horse makes its own decisions over the rocky terrain.
When the ego is personified, it is like a master to three harsh masters: the id, the super-ego and the external world. It has to do its best to suit all three, thus is constantly feeling hemmed by the danger of causing discontent on two other sides. It is said however, that the ego seems to be more loyal to the id, preferring to gloss over the finer details of reality to minimize conflicts with the pretending to have a regard for reality.
 But the Super-ego,as a moral judge of conduct, is constantly watching every one of the egos’ moves and punishes it with feelings of guilt, anxiety, and inferiority. Thus Ego tries to intigrate conflicting demands of id & Superego.Since,This is difficult task,ego is under constant stress.To overcome this, this ego employs methods of defense mechanism. Denial, displacement, intellectuality, fantasy, compensation, projection, rationalization, reaction formation, regression, repression and sublimation.In the dynamic society of interdependancy, one suffer from  impaired emotional domain.In handling situation with convection              MORE ripples

Impaired  Emotion domain & Sin

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